Improving Systems

Always try to find better ways of doing things. If you are able to cut down a process because it is going to save you time or it is going to make the process more efficient then do it.

Remember that improving means that there is a better way of doing them and hence you don’t want to reverse that by implementing something that is far more complex and time consuming than the old way. Without contradicting this, it is important to realise that just because you have been doing same thing the same way for ten years doesn’t mean that that is the most practical or efficient method.

Improving your systems may include manual processes as well as automated or computerised ones, so be sure to broaden your horizons, look at all possibilities and alternatives for improving rather than suspecting that it is one particular area and assuming this needs to be fixed.

Eliminating old documents or obsolete items will assist you in being better organised and have healthier processes, because people won’t revert back to or use things that don’t apply any longer.

Improving your systems will help you to be more competitive, service your customers better, have a better turn around time, be more productive, be more efficient and have a more organised business.

Once a year it is an ideal situation to gather your staff and brainstorm items that should be reviewed, systems that need to improved and things that are now obsolete or should be discarded.

When you decide to improve a system be sure to study how the work currently flows and if there are any glitches, problems, hesitations or areas that hold up the flow. Identifying these things will help you to decide on preventative action and strategies to reduce the inconsistency.

Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things!