Gunfire software not working – a business lesson!

I heard an interesting news story on BBC Radio5 live today about gunfire detector software not working for the UK Police.

West Midlands Police have been testing a very expensive system that has been used with great success in America. The results in the first UK installation? Only 2 gun shots were detected, but over a 100 irrelevant reports were raised.

How is this relevant for business strategy you ask?

It appears that most UK criminals don’t buy ‘off the shelf guns’ and UK cities give off a very different sound pattern to that of US cities. This makes very good sense now, but shouldn’t that have been thought of before lots of money was spent and police time was wasted.

So what’s the business lesson?

This story made me think about the phrase … “think globally and manage locally” that I remember from the early 90’s.

Whenever a business is trying to sell products or services into a new territory or market, the business should consider what changes need to be made for the offering to work in this new market. For example many people buy a franchise (supposed to be a business in a box) and then try to reinvent the wheel when the standard offerings and system don’t work in the new territory.

Research the local market and fully understand how you need to flex your offerings accordingly.

Until next time.

BBC Article