Don’t be a sheep

Having virtually run out of diesel yesterday, I had no choice but to find a local garage and stock up ready for today’s local business development and client meetings. I managed to find one forecourt that was still selling diesel and I even secured a bit more than the BP self imposed limit of 10 litres!

I assumed the ensuing panic would have been an occurrence across the nation, yet whilst on the way to the local Swan Networking Group at 7am this morning, BBC 5 live commented that panic buying had only occurred in clusters throughout the country. Why?

This got me to thinking about the ‘herd effect’ and what the lesson could business owners and those passionate about business development take from our self fulfilling prophecy obsession.

If you follow the crowd, expect the same results as everyone else…. think “the end of boom and  bust”, “we’re all in it together”.

I would strongly encourage business owners and business development experts not to follow the sheep. Rather conduct market research, investigate the competition, and then offer something different.

If you follow the herd and simply copy what everyone else does, you may end up with the same results as your competition (sometimes even better!). Then again you may not.

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