Improve Productivity

Improving productivity means that you are going to be measuring the amount of output per unit of input from the business.

Defining this in a more understandable term, traditionally means that you are going to assess productivity by measuring the dollar value of output against each pound of input (labour and capital expenses included). This is the most common technique for measuring productivity but you maybe required to look at alternatives if this does not suit.

Improving your productivity is usually resolved by the implementation of new equipment and technology, however this shouldn’t be the only thing. Staff are a huge contribution to your business and without the man power or expertise you probably wouldn’t be able to run your business in such a success full manner, so improving your staff through training, team building, etc will assist in productivity levels.

You should also consider goals setting or aims for your business and the individuals employed by you so that everyone has something to work towards and a common achievement is being endeavoured.

Productivity at the end of the day relies on your systems and procedures so even simple tasks as filing will have a huge impact on future activities and the business as a whole.

You will need to continually assess your business activities and ensure that they are being managed to their full potential and staff are utilising their skills in conjunction with the methods in the best way possible.

Increasing productivity requires better management skills, effective and functioning systems and procedures, motivation and commitment from the team and overall dedication from all team members.

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