Systemisation-The Foundation of Transformation

When we talk about transformation, you will invariably find that we talk about People, Process and Systems in the same sentence. People, Processes and Systems form the triumvirate of transforming your business into the business you have always wanted.

You might also have come across the term “systemisation”. While People, Process and Systems form the triumvirate of transformation, systemisation is the output that underpins the entire effort. It is the foundation on which your new business will operate for years to come. So what is systemisation and why is it the foundation of transformation?

When we talk about “systemisation” we are not referring to installing the latest equipment, the best software, the fastest printers or the largest server in your business. While the systems that support your business are important, the best technology in the world will be a waste of money unless you systemise.

What we are referring to is the process of building efficiency in your business through the meeting of People, Process and Systems:

  1. Agreed/approved, relevant and appropriate policies, procedures and checklists
  2. Consistency in activities -team members following a logical process for every activity every time
  3. Competency in activities – every team member having and maintaining the appropriate skills to undertake their job consistently, effectively and efficiently
  4. Standardisation in activities – every team member following the same logical process for one activity
  5. Accessibility of information – making agreed/approved procedures and checklists easy to access, understand and use
  6. Preservation of knowledge – knowledge being shared through updating procedures and checklists, team meetings and training
  7. Continuous improvement – every team member having responsibility for contributing to the improvement of procedures and checklists.

Without systemisation

  • Your People will continue to do the work but in any way that is convenient having regard to their background and training
  • Your Processes will be adequate to support your services but will be ignored, irrelevant or out of date leaving you with an ongoing quality issue
  • Your Systems might be the latest and greatest, but without the skilled People using the correct Process, it will remain a case of “garbage in – garbage out”.

With Systemisation

  • Your People will be skilled and confident in using the right Process at the right time, regardless of their background
  • Your Processes will be used each time every time by People with the appropriate skills. Every activity will be produced with a consistent level of quality and timeliness
  • Your Systems will be appropriate for your business and integrate seamlessly with your Processes while your People will be trained in how to use them most effectively.

As the above shows, systemisation brings together People, Process and Systems. Only focusing on Process for instance, without attention to People and Systems will give you a business with procedures and checklists. It probably won’t give you the People skilled in using those procedures or the efficient use of Systems.

Separately, People, Processes or Systems will deliver some benefits to your business. However, by focussing and making improvements to all three, you are systemising your bsuiness, transforming it into the business you have always wanted.

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