10 Steps to Help Increase Productivity in your Workplace

Below are steps that you may implement into your business to increase productivity:


By ensuring the on-going training of your staff you will be able to ensure that the business policies and procedures are carried out and executed correctly. Training will also ensure that your staff understand their roles and responsibilities and have a fair understanding of your business and management expectations.

Time Management

Ensuring that your staff can time manage will help to generate a higher turnover in customers/services and hence produce a positive profit margin for the business. Time management will also ensure that the staff are working to their full potential and that a maximum number of customers/services are being achieved per day during their working hours.

Diary Management

If correct diary management is carried out in the business, it may help to attract new customers, as new leads are confirmed immediately and the very best effort is being made to ensure that new customers are being provided with the best possible initial service. By ensuring that diary procedures are run in an effective manner you will not only have a better turnover in customers/services per day but it will have a positive effect on profit for the business.

Code of Conduct

By implementation of code of conduct into your workplace it will ensure the ethical and behavioural matters and practices for all parties. It protects and benchmarks the way that the business acts.

Policies and Procedures

Ensuring that a Policies and Procedures manual is implemented into your business will help staff to understand their roles and responsibilities and generates a standard of practise throughout the business for all employees. It will also improve the effectiveness in the way that the employees are executing their tasks.

Phone Procedures

Creating phone procedures which are efficient and workable for both the customer and the operator will see a positive first impression by customers every time. It will also help the business to produce a positive outlay to potential and existing customers who will not only repeat his or her business but also possibly refer you onto someone else.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals maybe implemented into the business to ensure that each employee is working to their maximum capacity and they are carrying out all duties and responsibilities accordingly. Performance appraisals allow the manager to keep control of their staff and ensure that the business is working efficiently and to the required capacity.

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Defining each person’s roles and responsibilities will ensure that the employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and where they fit into the whole scheme of the business. Job descriptions should clearly define tasks and responsibilities of the job role and be designed to a job role rather than to an individual employee.


Incentives maybe given to your employees to help motivate and stimulate the employees to not only do well but work efficiently, providing a positive role model to other employees.

Job Satisfaction & Enhancement

You may be able to implement a rotation or job-swapping program, which may help to motivate and provide job enrichment and satisfaction to the employees.

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